49 Electric, Gas, and Sanitary Services Lists


Electric, Gas, and Sanitary Services Lists

This major group includes businesses engaged in the generation, transmission, and/or distribution of electricity or gas or steam. Such businesses may be combinations of any of the above three services and also include other types of services, such as transportation, communications, and refrigeration. Water and irrigation systems, and sanitary systems engaged in the collection and disposal of garbage, sewage, and other wastes by means of destroying or processing materials, are also included. If one service of a combination system does not constitute 95 percent or more of revenues, the establishment should be classified as a combination in Industry Group 493, with the subgroup being determined by the major service supplied.

4911 Electric services, nsk
4922 Natural gas transmission, nsk
4923 Gas transmission and distribution
4924 Natural gas distribution
4925 Gas production and/or distribution, nsk
4931 Electric and other services combined
4932 Gas and other services combined
4939 Combination utilities, nec
4941 Water supply
4952 Sewerage systems
4953 Refuse systems, nsk
4959 Sanitary services, nec, nsk
4961 Steam and air- conditioning supply, nsk
4971 Irrigation systems, nsk