57 Home Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment Stores Lists

SIC 57:

Home Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment Stores Lists

This major group includes retail stores selling goods used for furnishing the home, such as furniture, floor coverings, draperies, glass and chinaware, domestic stoves, refrigerators, and other household electrical and gas appliances. Businesses selling electrical and gas appliances are included in this group only if the major part of their sales consists of articles for home use. These stores may also repair household appliances, radios, televisions, and stereo equipment, but businesses primarily engaged in repair of these products are classified in Division I, Services. Dealers primarily engaged in selling antique and secondhand furniture are classified in Industry Group 593. Stores furnishing interior decorator service are classified according to the merchandise handled.

5712 Furniture stores, nsk
5713 Floor covering stores, nsk
5714 Drapery and upholstery stores, nsk
5719 Miscellaneous home furnishings stores, nsk
5722 Household appliance stores, nsk
5731 Radio, television, and electronic stores, nsk
5734 Computer and software stores, nsk
5735 Record and prerecorded tape stores, nsk
5736 Musical instrument stores, nsk